Essential Dos and Donts for an Effective SEO Strategy

SEO is no doubt one of the most popular technological advancements. However like any other thing there are certain essential do's and dont's which you need to keep in mind while you create your SEO strategy.

Search Engines tend to change constantly so optimization is a constant process. Hence it is important for you to stay updated.

  1. Optimize for the Target Market: The first and foremost thing is that you should know your target audience. This is essential if you want to attract the most audience for your website and also make it rank higher in engines.

  2. Test the Performance on Different Devices: The usage of mobile devices tend to increase day by day therefore it becomes necessary for you to optimize your blog or website for multiple devices. If you be 100% sure that your doing right test your performances on different devices.

  3. Bring Consistency with Great Content Quality and Frequency: Google considers the content quality when it comes to ranking a website. Therefore you need to learn to create great content.

  4. Have an FAQ PAGE: No matter wherever you do business whether it's online or offline you need your main goal is to attract a large audience. There are various reasons why you need to have an FAQ page. Without this page visitors will have to contact you and wait for a response.

  5. Link with Social Media: There is a strong link between the rise in search ranking and the increase in social signals. There are millions of people who are online therefore it becomes essential to focus on social media channels.

  6. Know the SEO TOOLS: SEO might seem complicated for many people. Therefore it would be advisable to use SEO tools. You also need to be aware regarding SEO tools of you wish to increase your ranking in search engines.

  7. Be Unique: You also need to be unique since there is immense competition out there.

  8. Be Useful: You need to make sure that when people open your web pages they find something useful.

  1. Use Tricks: You cannot take a risk while applying tricks. There are algorithms that can find these tricks, detect them and also eliminate them. So it would not be smart of you to use them.

  2. Use Unnatural Links: It is advisable to not use Unnatural links. There are marketers who make the mistake of using link schemes.

  3. Overuse Keywords: Keywords are definitely said to be important for any search engine. Use target keywords in your content and at the same time stick to a realistic keyword goal.

  4. Neglect the Metadata: You need to pay attention to small things like metadata. Marketers usually forget about it and neglect it since their focus remains mainly on the content quality.

  5. Avoid Voice Search: Voice Search is said to dominate in the coming years. It is estimated that 50% searches is said to be voice based. Hence you need to focus on voice search too.

  6. Target own Choice of Keywords: Try to use analytics tools in order to find out which keywords are the smartest choice for your company and your field.

  7. Allow for long Loading Time: You need to pay attention to the website loading time. The more time it takes chances are that you will lose your visitors even before they open the page.

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