How Digital PR can help in SEO?

Digital PR and SEO can be aligned in order to build a leading edge marketing strategy. Digitization is said to take the world over in a few years. Everything seems to undergo a digital turnover.

Why does SEO need a PR dimension?
If you give your SEO a PR approach it can help you achieve a differentiating factor. The following are some of the factors :
  1. Link Building: Link building is the source through which PR and SEO are connected. Link building can be used to accelerate search rankings.
  2. Keywords: With the help of keywords you can trend your content in the top search results. Keywords can help you to improve the overall digital marketing campaign.
  3. Social Engagement: With the help of PR you can enhance the social outreach of your site. You can increase the traffic on your site by engaging content, and relevant keywords
  4. Positive reinforcement: With the help of reviews purchases will be fostered which will eventually turn potential leads into future clients. On the other hand, negative reviews will impact the brand undesirably which in turn will reduce sales and hamper brand image.
  5. Brand Recognition: It has become important for any brand to gain recognition. In order to have a great brand, you need to visible in various social media, websites, page-links and various other mentions.

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