How Images can Increase Organic Rankings

Following are the seven ways in which you can improve your SEO by simply reducing image size and using those images in a meaningful way which may help in your search rankings.

1. Simplify Images
It is seen that images that are filled with plenty of patterns, gradients and other small details tend to create larger files. You can try and use small size images and also images which are simpler.

2. Avoid Mixing Image Types
Try to use images which are mix of both illustrations and fonts. They tend to work better together. It is also said that drop shadows and gradients make .png files larger. Hence, avoid their use as much as possible.

3. Save Images in Correct Format
Saving images in the wrong format is one of the most common mistakes. You can save image files as .jpg and save illustration type files as .png files.

4. Avoid Using Too Many Colours
This is specifically applicable to illustration type files and photographs. The larger your image size becomes if there are too many colours in an image. Try choosing images that do not feature many colours.

5. Compress Images
Compressing images is one of the most important tip when it comes to saving image size. Avoid using HTML or CSS in order to shrink 1200 pixel image to 400 pixels. Also, avoid making mistake by choosing a large image size for a small image.

6. Make Images Support the Content
Images hold meaning especially when the user is able to understand the content be it a product image or a step by step illustration. The content is said to be important.

7. Give Images Meaningful Context
You should consider adding alt texts to your images in order to explain what the image appears to the blind visitors to your site. Also you can consider adding captions to your images so that your image relates to your content.

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