How Instagram can help in Improving your SEO

Instagram can help you to improve your SEO practices. A complex and multifaceted strategy is required when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation and Instagram too plays a significant role through the content they generate when it comes to SEO.

Instagram has now turned into a platform wherein businesses can build their brand image and reach out to customers through an implemented marketing campaign. The following are some of the tips through which Instagram can help t o improve SEO:

1. Present a Good Brand Image
You need to present a good brand image and also how your account will reflect. Your first impressions will be determined though your Instagram handle and bio to the content that you post. When your content is viewed by many people it will eventually lead to better SEO results.

2. Increase Customer Engagement
You need to increase your customer engagement in order to have a better SEO ranking. When you establish a relationship between the brand and the customers it will basically encourage engagement across all the channels.

3. Optimise Your Posts
Apart from the quality of photographs and the caption that you post in response to the picture, the content that you post should be relevant to your brand. You will be able to engage more users if you utilise the content effectively.

4. Keyword Research for Hashtags
When we talk about Instagram, hashtags play an integral part of its search feature. You also need to keep a tab on the hashtags which are related to your brand which in turn would enable your company to drive more digital traffic.

5. Regular Posting Schedule
Regular posting also plays a key role in SEO. When new content is regularly posted it reminds people of the brand, creates opportunities for engagement and also drives traffic.

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