How Page Authority can be used in order to Gain More Organic Traffic

Page Authority checker is said to enable you to gain more organic traffic. So how can page authority checker enable you to gain more organic traffic.

What do we mean by Page Authority in SEO?
Page Authority Checker is said to be a tool through which you can rank a page on a scale from one to 100. Lower the number, more are the chances that a certain page will perform well in search engine.

What is SEO Score?
SEO Score is somewhat similar to page authority. It is concerned with the overall website. It includes technical factors of SEO, the quality and arrangement of content, overall user experience and also website's responsiveness in mobile.

What is the Difference between Page Authority and SEO Score?
There are several factors which are taken into account when we talk regarding SEO score. It is concerned with the overall performance of the website. However, page authority is said to be limited to just pages. SEO score is dependent on the joint page authority of all the pages on the blog. If you have a higher page authority, there are more chances that you will have a better SEO result.

How to use a SEO Score Checker and Page Authority Checker?
Both these tools are amazing and free of cost tools which you can use for your blog right away. With these tools, you can best judge the overall performance of a page or website.