How to Get SEO Value out of External Links

External Links are said to be a necessary part of the web. There are around 5 important hacks which you can use to extract SEO value from every link which is sent out by you.

1. Link Out
It is said that the entire web is interconnected and is one whole, one living and breathing entity. You need to link out since linking out is the foundation for all the other hacks mentioned below.

2. Link out but to whom?
There are two types of website who will get your link:

  1. Link to an Authority Website:
    When you link to an authority website you will get a small but direct SEO boost. Indirectly you will gain from being associated with the best in the industry. Secondly,you also need to reach out and at the same time let them know regarding the same

  2. Linking to Small-time Bloggers:
    Blogging is one field which is increasing seen to gained importance. Blogging enables you to connect directly with the bloggers. When we talk about small sites they are usually run by a passionate webmaster and they would appreciate if you reach out to them and inform them that they linked out to them.

3. Do not Use the nofollow Tag
There is a reason behind the nofollow tag invention. It is advisable not to link out with the nofollow tag.

4. Try Clever Tiered Link Building:
Whenever you write an article on your site, it is better that you maintain a list of site on which you guest-posted so that later on you can link to them. This will benefit you in three ways :
  1. The guest posts by you will get more authority to their names
  2. The guest posts by you will rank higher and ultimately result in more traffic
  3. The webmasters and your relationship will be strengthen

5. Link to Your Competitors
By linking out to your competitors you come out as being confident and comfortable enough in sharing it with others. However, you must keep in mind the following two things :
  • Do not link to the exact page that you are competing against
  • Do not use any keywords which your competitor and you are vying
When you link out to your competitors it will help you more than it will help your competitors.

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