How to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Being a blogger and having a few websites you need to make sure that you get enough traffic from search engines. Google search ranking will enable you to determine the level of monetization if you are planning to monetize your blog.

The following are some of the few tips which can help you to achieve the best SEO in order to improve your Google search ranking:

  1. Use Keywords Judiciously
    You need to create content that is useful and practical for the users or audience. Proper usage of keywords should help you to achieve the best results for an improved search ranking. You should consider using long-tail keywords.

  2. Develop Link Building
    Backlinks play a key role in ensuring an enhanced Google Search ranking. Link building will ensure to get massive traffic from search engines.

  3. Better On Page SEO
    On Page SEO basically means when you apply SEO techniques to the page which you wish to rank high. On-page SEO optimizes your site for a wide range of factors which involve title, meta description, image alt tags and similar other aspects of your site.

  4. Make your site Mobile Friendly
    Nowadays, people everywhere have their own mobile devices. Therefore it becomes essential that your website is mobile friendly.

  5. Focus on the content
    As it is rightly said that 'Content is King' it is necessary that you place your focus on the content. Quality of the content is said to be an important factor that is responsible for driving better traffic to your site and that will in turn enable you to improve the performance of your website.

  6. Perform Website audits Regularly
    You need to regularly conduct website audits and reviews for the purpose of checking the performance of your site. With this you will come to know regarding any issues with your content or any other additional issues.

  7. Enhance Website Usability
    You need to enhance your website usability. You should ensure that your site is user-friendly for your target audience. This is considered to be one of the essential factors for search engine ranking.

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