How to Optimize your Blog Posts for SEO

Search Engine Optimization will help your blog become more noticeable to your audience. Here are some methods to optimize your blog posts for SEO:

1. Focus on Long Tail Keywords
While you should not cram your blog with keywords, you should use the right amount of long tail keywords based on the number of times that keyword is being searched. You should research about how your audience is wording their queries, what specific words they are using and the questions they are asking.

2. Social Media Usage
Connect your social media accounts with your blog so that your audience can see who is the person behind the blog, which adds credibility to your blog. Also, share your blog posts on your social media accounts so that your audience can also share it on their accounts. This not only gets you new readers but also helps to create a link to your blog.

3. Optimize your Media
The internet algorithm does not see images, video, audio etc as media but as lines of code. So, you need to include a description with keywords of your multimedia so that the algorithm can find it easily.

4. Keywords in all the Right Places
After including long tail keywords in your content, consider including keywords in certain important sections of your blog like title tag, meta description, alternative text, URLs, and h1 and h2 headers to help the search engine find your blog.

5. Mobile Friendliness
Since people are using their mobile phones all the times to access the internet, you need to develop a blog that is mobile friendly, as such sweeties are preferred by Google. To do this, you need a “responsive web design,” which creates multiple URLs for different devices such as desktop, mobile etc.

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