How to create stunning images that can be sold online

About 1.2 trillion photos are said to be taken in the year 2017 which come to around taking 38,025 photos every second. In the year 2018, these numbers increased drastically.

If you want to choose which photos to upload online, it requires basic knowledge in photography. That are around 4 hacks which will enable you to shoot, process and upload stunning images:

  1. 1. Resolution, Aspect Ratio and Cropping:
    Screen resolution is said to be important since it affects how well rounded a d professional,images look like. You need to make sure that your image resolution is high. In order to remove distractions, crop, trim and straighten the image in order to remove distractions.

  2. 2. Background, Color Correction, Saturation and Contrast:
    Try to remove clutter and noise for the background. Try not to create blowouts and adjust your image brightness as appropriate.

  3. 3. Composition, Context and Consistency:
    You need to keep in mind that you should shoot images with the Brands color palette and use complementing colors in order to reflect the brand's image.

  4. 4. Free Editing Tools and Apps:
    The most common editing platform is said to be Photoshop. There are certain free online resources which include the following:
      a. Pixlr
      b. Canva
      c. GIMP
      d. VSCO
      e. Fotor
      f. Aviary Photo Editor

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