How to perform SEO with Evolving Google Algorithm

Among the various things that are evolving in SEO the first thing is said to be voice search. Since the time Alexa, Siri, and Google’s voice assistant have come into existence people are increasingly turning to these devices for the purpose of information. Some of the ways include the following:

1. Optimize for Voice Search
People search the web for a variety of queries. SEO and content writers need to be understand that such a content should be created that it is able  to answer all types of questions.

2. Consider Mobile First
Google has mentioned that it will first got through the mobile version and later on its desktop version in order to enable it to decide how the website should be indexed and ranked. Tablets will also be included along with cell phones. The speed of the mobile site will also be an important deciding factor in mobile-first indexing.

3. Shift the Intention of your Guest Posts
Guest posting currently is said to be on Google’s radar and as of now it is not considered a good way to get backlinks. People have been advised to put a “no follow” tag on links in guest posts.

With the recent adjustments by Google it will be interesting to see what Goole does next from the standpoint of SEO.

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