Importance of Local SEO For Hoteliers

SEO holds immense importance in whatever field it is used. Businesses with physical location needs to invest time in local SEO. It becomes essential especially in the hotelier industry for search engines to know where is the property located. 
You need to know regarding the below mentioned things in order to ensure that your property is known and that the information provided is reliable:
  1. Property address is displayed on the website - You need to keep it in mind that your property address is displayed either on the header or footer of the website. The property location itself might proof to be the biggest influence for its ranking in search results.
  2. Manage and own Google and Bing business listings - You need to make sure that listing is owned and managed internally. Google and Bing are reaoonsible for showing your listings when someone searches for you. With the help of listings, you can add photos, respond to reviews, and also edit information to keep it up to date. 
  3. Ensure that UNAP is consistent across the internet - UNAP basically represents URL, Name, Address and Phone Number. Search engines apart from looking at your website also scan hundreds of other sites and directory listings for information. If the listings are inconsistent than they won't trust the information and are also less likely to show your property in search results. You can use a service like Business Listing Lock for the purpose of finding a way to lock down your property's information across sites that search engines use for information. 

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