Link Building in the Age of Content Sceptics

So what is actually link building in the age of content sceptics. It goes far beyond simply securing a link in order to influence search engine rankings. Google was one such popular search engine which has outperformed many others like AltaVista, Infoseek and Lycos.

Link building is said to be an essential part of an SEO Strategy. Seeing the rise in fake news, content sceptics and corporate policies, link building has now become a much more difficult task.

Link Building as a Process have four essential parts:

1. Setting Goals for Content:
Firstly, you need to set business goals in order to identify opportunities for the purpose of content themes and also content type with examples.

2. Identify Core Topic Themes:
One of the ways through which you can identify and segment topics based on user interest is through keyword research tools. This will basically enable to create a data-backed strategy to guide our content/link building efforts around objectives and keywords.

3. Seeking out Host Content Gaps:
When you perform a content gap analysis it helps you to identify what content the site already has, what actually works, what's missing and where you can build upon existing efforts.

4. Creating Linkable content:
When we create content we should create something that is worthy of links and set up to be spread. Linkable Content is said to be that content which contains elements such as a strong hook, original research, compelling visuals and also it also comes with resources that are baked in.

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