Link Building is the Most Effective SEO Strategy for better Rankings

It is said that the number and quality of backlinks which a website manages is said to have a detrimental impact on search engine rankings. Studies have also proven the fact that backlinks are indeed one of the most important ranking signal which is used by Google to rank various websites for diverse search terms.

The following are the 3 methods to focus for Back Linking in 2019:
  1. Guest Blogging: This is said to be one of the foolproof way to earn quality backlinks and fresh audiences for your website. But you need to be careful regarding the domain authority and content quality requirements of a pubisher's website before you submit a guest post. Some of the tools which you can use include Ahrefs or SEMrush for checking the domain authority.

  2. Competitor Research: The tools mentioned can be very useful apart from checking the domain authority of a website. You can get an in-depth view of where your competitors are posting their content, on which directories they have maintained a presence on and who exactly is linking to their content. With the help of backlink profile of your competitors you can stay a step ahead.

  3. Tracking Online Brand Mentions:  You can track all your brands mentioned online and this will enable you to turn all your brand mentions into live links for your website. You can use tools like Google Alerts or Brand Mentions for the purpose of tracking all your brand or product mentions.

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