Local SEO and its Importance

Businesses have now started to understand the importance of SEO. When we talk about SEO there is something known as Local search engine. This is said to be a branch of SEO with its main focus in optimising website to be found in local search results. 

Local SEO can be defined as a strategic process which its main focus on emphasizing optimization efforts of brick and mortar businesses. Some of the efforts of localized intent include content, on-page optimizations and link building.

Why Local Search is Important?

Some of the statistics below prove why Local search is important. 

a. 50% people doing local search on phone and 34% doing local search on a computer or tablet actually visit the physical store in a day 
b. 18% searches lead to sale within one day 
c. About 60% Americans adults are said to conduct searche for local services on their tablet or smartphones 
d. 78% local-based searches end up in purchases being made offline 
e. Also, 97% consumers have searched online for local businesses in the year 2017. 

Who benefits from Local SEO and Why?

Some of the people that benefit from Local SEO inlcude:
a. Lawyers & Law firms - Local SEO is said to be of huge benefit for them since anyone who has an accident will be on the phone attempting to find attorneys who offer free consultations. 

b. Doctors & Medical Practices - While searching for a Doctor people will usually search for a Doctor nearby and would avoid travelling long hours. With the local search, the result will provide the doctor's name up front and also an instant "directions link". 

c. Plumbers - Plumbers are also said to benefit from local SEO. With the Google SEarch, it will become easy to locate the plumber and than call him up directly, read reviews and also immediately access the local plumbers. 

d. Restaurants - These people are said to benefit the most from Local SEO. With the increase in the number of restaurants, customer nowadays prefer to read the reviews and than visit the restaurant. Apart from this, customers can also come to know regarding the restaurants providing the best quality of food and service in the neighborhood. 

Important Part of Local SEO 

Some of the important parts of Local SEO includes:

1.Keyword Research
4.On-page technical SEO 
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