Popular SEO Tools Used By Bloggers in 2019

Blogging has recently emerged to have become very popular and so has SEO. In order for any business to survive online it is extremely essential to have knowledge when it comes to SEO.

Therefore, in order to make your SEO game on point the following are some of the popular tools that are commonly used by bloggers in 2019 :
  • GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER - This tool will enable you to understand how to use the perfect keywords. You can start using this tool after creation of Google Adwords account.

  • SEMrush - It helps bloggers by conducting research regarding the perfect keyword. It also provides information regarding latest trends and also helps in monitoring your brand.

  • UNAMO - It helps in keeping track of your social media. This tool can also aid in increasing the conversion rates.

  • NINJA OUTREACH - Every blogger at some point will have the need to build links. This tool will help to reach out to various social media influencers.

  • GOOGLE MOBILE-FRIENDLY TEST - In order to be ranked on top you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. This tool will help in checking your website and also aid in taking the corrective measures.

  • GOOGLE WEBMASTER CONSOLE - It is considered to be one of the best SEO tools. This tool is complete package and helps in understanding your application, observation of site performance and fixing any errors if encountered.

  • GTMetrix - If you are looking to increase the speed of your page you need to keep this tool in mind.

  • WOO RANK - This tool is great when it comes to analysis of your website and is also quite popular.
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