SEO 2019: Nine tips for beginners to be considered

SEO is said to be one of the major technological advancements. In case, if you are a beginner in terms of SEO than there are certain trends which you must follow in case if you wish to improve your search optimization skills. 

A new user to SEO can easily be confused seeing the information overload. As per analysis,there are certain key SEO trends in the year 2019 which needs to be considered:

1. Mobile Optimization - Firstly, it is important to test your site for its performance and loading speed across all the devices. Delay in browsing should be avoided. Day by day the increase in the number of mobile device users is increasing so while starting with SEO,mobile optimization should be kept in mind. 

2. How users search - It is essential to understand how users search for keywords on the internet. However, SEO can now be seen focusing a bit more on understanding the search intent. If you wish to build a long term SEO strategy it is important for you to understand the search intent and also the reason behind every search . 

3. Write for humans, optimize for search engines - Human element is said to be important if you want a successful SEO strategy. While creating content too, you should always keep in mind your target audience. Apart from releant content,it is also important to create quality content which in turn can help you to increase your search traffic. 

4. Analyse existing search traffic - You need to analyze your existing search traffic. Start by analyzing your top 10 posts and what they have in common. You can search for evergreen content and at the same time thin of new ways to update them. 

5. Staying up to date with the latest changes in SEO - For mastering SEO,you need to follow the latest trends and also the algorithm updates which might have an effect on your tactics. It is necessary to stay updated with the latest SEO changes. 

6. Learning important ranking factors - You need to well aware regrding the various important ranking factors which affect your position in the SERPs. Some of the factors include relevance and use of right keywords, page speed and use of backlinks. It is also essential to understand regarding how each of the ranking factor affects your optimization tactics. 

7. Never Underestimate UX - One of the most important thing for SEO is User experience. Google seems to be evolving and one of the most thing is that search results are getting more personlaized and one of the goal includes offering best experience to the users. Apart from having relevant content it is also necessary to ensure that the site's UX is appealing enough to encourage users to continue reading. 

8.Link between social media and SEO - There is link between social media and SEO and it is essential to understand the same. It is essential to analyze how social media presence can affect your search results.

9. Understand how voice search works - One fo the biggest trend which will be responsible for changing the SEO trend in the year 2019 and 2020 will be voice search. There is expected to be an increase in the use of voice commands by the year 2019. 

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