May 13, 2019

Top 15 Free SEO Tools That You Should Consider To Use.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has recently gained a lot of importance. If you want to achieve better results by having minimal financial investment than you should consider using certain best free SEO tools.

The following are the 15 best tools which can be used:

1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS - The first tool and also one of the best free tools is Google Analytics which you should consider since it provides a lot of handy data regarding websites including the number of site visits, traffic sources and location demographics. 

2. ANSWER THE PUBLIC - This is a nifty tool which can help marketers and provide them with valuable data about the questions that people ask online. 

3. MOZBAR - This tool can be used to easily access the Page and Domain Authority of any page or site. Mozbar is said to work with Chrome browser. 

4. SEMRUSH - This is said to be one of the excellent keyword research SEO tool. The tool provides detailed information regarding keywords.

5. KEYWORDDIT - This is another tool related to finding keyword ideas. It one tool that is very easy in usage and provides valuable insights regarding the interests of specific audiences. 

6. WOORANK - This tool generates an SEO score for your site and also an actionable "Marketing Checklist". The checklist outlines steps that you can take for fixing any problems with your site's SEO. 

7. MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST - This tool is basically designed to find out whether your site is correctly optimized for smartphones and tablets. 

8. UBERSUGGEST - One excellent feature of this tool is its ability to filter out keywords in which you are not interested in from search results. It is said to be simple keyword research tool.

9. BROWSEO - This tool will show you how your website looks to a search engine. It basically depicts the SERP preview that is it previews how your site appears in search results.

10. CANLRANK - This tool basically lets you know the probability about how you will rank for a search term and also uses AI for showing suggestions on how to better target keywords. 

11. KEYWORDS EVERYWHERE - This is a must-use keyword research tool.

12. CHECK MY LINKS - This is said to be a Chrome Extension. It will identify the status code for each link on the page which also includes broken links. 

13. COUNTING CHARACTERS GOOGLE SERP TOOL - This tool will tell you the character count as well as the pixel count which will ensure that you are creating meta tags.

14. REDIRECT PATH - This extension will provide 301, 302, 404,and 500 HTTP Status Codes. 

15. GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE - This is said to be a rich insights tool which is related to keyword and URL performance, Indexation issues, Mobile usability, and Sitemap status.