Top Local SEO Strategies

Local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO) is basically a process of ranking businesses and what they are suppose to offer to the local people when they are looking for it. Local Search is basically used by potential customers in order to find out top businesses in a definite location.

Need for Local SEO
If you want your business to be ranked higher on the results pages of majority search engines, it becomes essential to have strong online presence and visibility. Therefore, here is where the need for local SEO arises.

Top Local SEO Strategies:
1. Title and Mega Description
These descriptions are basically HTML elements that help to describe the content in the SERP's. It is said that Google has increased the width of the main search results page to about 600px now.

2. Improved local SEO through Online Directories
About 80% of consumers are said to use search engines in order to conduct local searches. It therefore becomes crucial to list your business on top online search directories like Yelp. Try to add your business name, address and phone correctly in the same directory. This will make it easy for Google to determine which information is correct.

3. Optimise “Google My Business"
When we talk about local SEO marketing, optimising "Google My Business" becomes critical. You can upload a logo for your business in order to generate instant brand recognition.

4. Customer Reviews
Customer reviews are recently been given a lot of importance in the year 2018. Added attention needs to be given to Facebook and Google My Business since these are the pages where people usually look for businesses.

5. Publish Locally Optimised Content
If you are the one who writes a lot of content for their website than you should publish locally optimised content. You can additionally include keywords in Page Title, Meta Description, URL, H1 & H2 Tags, ALT Text in the images and also Anchor Text.

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