Apr 10, 2019

What will Happen if We Adapt to a Linkless Algorithm

SEO seems to be in quest for backlinks ever since the first connections were made between the number of links a site has and where it ranks in Google. Over the years, various changes can be seen including website directories, article directories, sponsored blog content and private blog networks.

The job as SEOs seems to be tightly aligned to Google's latest algorithm updates. Google is now using a more accurate authority signal for ranking whereas links still remain to be a major ranking factor.

Internet now seems to be a fully-fledged digital world where relationships can be expressed in countless ways on dozens of different platforms. The following are 5 elements providing the strongest signal for content pre-qualification:
  1. number of referring domains
  2. number of backlinks
  3. social shares
  4. social engagements
  5. brand mentions
One of the quickest ways to improve organic traffic and rankings is to build quality links to engaging content on priority pages.
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