Why Amazon SEO is More Important than Google SEO for Brands

Amazon is now more important as compared to Google for brands. It is claimed that about 54 percent of product searches now happen on Amazon rather than on Google. This implies that Amazon SEO should soon become a priority for brands so that they can show up near the top product searches for their related keywords.

Amazon Leading Google with Product Searches
Amazon is seen to have a strong growth in the number of sponsored placements that they put up on their site. As per an analysis, it is found that from the time a consumer searches on either Amazon or Google to the time they actually buy is said to be much shorter on Google.

Amazon becoming a Place for Product Delivery
It is seen that Amazon is soon becoming a place for product delivery for customers more and Google is seen to be shifting from pure product discovery to more of that considered purchase. 90 percent of the product views on Amazon are actually the result of a search.
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