Apr 22, 2021

How frequently be Core Web Vitals ranking Factor Calculated: On Real-Time or Over a Period?

At the Google SEO office-hours hangout session, a question was raised concerning whether the Core Web Vitals ranking factor would be updated on a real-time basis or over a period?. John Mueller responded to this question stating that the collection and updating of core web vitals get conducted every 28 days.

An answer to this question might be helpful for publishers, to get an idea of how they could improve their Core Web Vitals for a positive change. Moreover, Mueller admitted that he was unaware of how often the core web vital ranking factors are applied.

Having an idea about how often the CWV ranking signal is updated is essential since these factors can impact rankings. Whenever a site publisher updates their site, there is a waiting period of feedback indicating how the changes can affect the rankings.
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