Top 3 Types of SEO

SEO is something that every organisation now seems to be working on. It has three ways to be done. Each of the three ways show different ways of doing SEO. 

Let's have a look at the 3 different types of SEO :

1. On-page SEO - This basically implies ways of increasing your ranking online. 

2. Keyword Research - They play an important role when it comes to searching something. In order to search a specific product or service these keywords play an important role. 

3. Content Optimization - It is rightly said that content is king. When presenting content it needs to be unique and error free. A high quality and relevant content is the need of the hour. 

4. HTML Tags - They are related to the different types of text and the role of each one. This is what helps crawlers to get a better idea regarding your webpage. 

5. Off-page SEO - This one is different than On-page SEO. These includes activities that are done outside the website for the purpose of improving rankings. 

6.Technical SEO  - The technical SEO includes different things related to SEO like site speed, backend structure, backlink management, security, etc.


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