Apr 21, 2019

Everything About Snapchat Ads Manager

Snapchat Ads Manager is basically a Snapchat self-ad platform which enables advertisers to place targeted ads on Snapchat. These Ads Manager seem to be having a minimun daily spending of 20 euros per day.

The payment methods accepted by Snapchat are credit card and PayPal and it can be done by everyone. It has three types of campaigns which includes awareness, conversion and consideration.

With these ads, advertisers can target the country, regions, radius targeting or postal codes. There also a option of retargeting via a pixel or the matching of the crm data.

With the Snapchat auction, advertisers will get three bidding types. The bidding types include the following:
  1. Auto Bidding: Here Snapchat can bid on behalf of the advertiser.
  2. Max Bid: Here Snapchat can bid the maximum amount for the advertiser while trying to achieve the most efficient CPA possible.
  3. Target Cost: This buffing strategy involves setting the average bid.
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