Mar 01, 2019

How to improve your Snapchat Marketing Strategy

There are more than 3 billion snaps shared daily on Snapchat. This makes marketers to look for ways through which they can improve their Snapchat marketing strategy.

Seeing the number of snaps shared daily you can expect that it will still remain  in your marketing strategy. So, here are 8 effective ideas which can help you for your Snapchat Marketing Staretgy:

  1. 1. Use to Reach it to Young Adults:
    Snapchat can prove to be useful if you wish to target the younger adults. It is seen that around 94% young Americans use Snapchat who are between the age group of 18 to 24. You need to therefore decide on your objectives and how can it be achieved through this channel.

  2. 2. Spend Time to Understand it:
    Once you decide your objectives in your Snapchat marketing strategy you need to validate your assumptions regarding your target audience. Every individual will use Snapchat in their own way. You need to make sure that your content reflects the feel of the channel.

  3. 3. Don’t Post Same Content from other Platforms:
    Finding what to post is another challenge with Snapchat. It is therefore advisable to reduce the posting frequency rather than posting the same content from other channels.

  4. 4. Be Fun and Engaging:
    Try and make your Snapchat presence fun as well as engaging and at the same time use the channel to promote content which you do not showcase in your other marketing channels.

  5. 5. Experiment with Snapchat Ads and Different Formats:
    There are different ad formats offered by Snapchat which you can try out. Although Snapchat is new to self-serve ads this can prove to be challenging as well as exciting.

  6. 6. Big AR Opportunity:
    With Snapchat, you can focus on the AR technologies. The use of augmented reality in a fun and engaging way is what makes Snapchat stand out from the rest.

  7. 7. Promoting your Snapchat Presence:
    You should start to cross-promote your presence to other channels. You need to give your new followers a reason to follow you on Snapchat. With this promotion, you can ensure that you promote to the right people at the right channels.

  8. Explore Snapchat for E-Commerce:
    Months months ago, Snapchat had rolled out stoppable ads and it has turned out to be an interesting experiment. With shoppable snap ads, brands and retailers can import their own product catalogs to the ads which makes it easier for consumers to purchase the products.

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