Apr 09, 2019

Snapchat gets Faster with New Android Update

Snapchat has rolled out the rebuilt version of its Android application and it also claims that the latest version of its Android app is much faster as compared to the earlier versions of the software.

Users might not notice any major differences with the rebuilt Snapchat app apart from reduced software bugs and smoother performance. With the rebuilding of apps, it will allow Snapchat to support the wide variety of devices which run the Android operating system and also deploy new software features at a much faster rate.

Snapchat seems to be currently struggling to gain more users as firms like Facebook have started to copy many of its features. It hopes that improving its application will boost its user numbers especially in the international market.

It is also aimed to target users in Asian countries like Indonesia, India and the Phillipines and therefore it becomes important for the company to release an application which uses less data and is more lightweight as compared to earlier versions to gain users in these areas.
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