Sep 15, 2018

Snapchat to expand its Our Story Feature

Snapchat is expanding its ‘Our Story’ feature to about 20 media partners in order to enable to crowd source images and videos for their own “Snap Stories”.

The ‘Our Story’ feature will eventually collect all the snaps which are submitted by the users of Snapchat all around the world of a particular place, an event, or a topic which has got different points of view and present the same as story to the rest of the community to watch.

A “Story” is basically said to be a collection of Snaps which are played in the order it is taken. The feature is said to be very useful when it comes to news organisations.

News Organisations will be able to build stories on major news events by using first-hand videos and graphics from Snapchatters who are able to witness and experience the event or incident.

This feature was launched in the year 2015 and it was designed to take advantage of the Internet-connected cameras at the center of the app in order to gather eyewitness-video accounts related to events, places or themes. In the past one month, it is said that about 75 million people have watched the “Our Story” content.

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