Apr 03, 2019

Snapchat will now Allow your Friends See What You are Doing

Snapchat now lets you to check into places while visually showing what you are upto at the moment. This new feature is known as Status in Snap Maps.

With this feature, users can check into a certain location by using Location data along with sharing your current activities with your friends. The new feature had been spotted by a popular social media tipster, Jane Manchum Wong.

However, the Status feature currently seems to be in the testing phase to selected users in Australia. The status is said to last until you leave the location you are at. You will also be allowed to delete your activity.

This feature will allow you to share your location with friends, some friends or no one which simply means activating the Ghost Mode. Snapchat also seems to be planning a lot of other new features in order to improve and expand its functionality.
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