Mar 17, 2020

With Snapchat's New Tool Advertisers can now Create AR Ads.

Snapchat has come up with a new tool. The new tool will basically allow users to create AR-based ads for their business. The tool will make use of the AR lens and has been named as 'Lens Web Builder'. 

Snapchat earlier started off an app that added a fun element to the photos via filters. However, it has now emerged to be a platform that can be used by organizations in order to establish a more closely connect with the customers. 

Lens Web Builder will basically work and help advertisers to make use of AR technology in creating content and reaching out to customers. Users will be able to tell the difference between real and reel with the help of AR technology. 

Augmented Reality will help to add a touch of emotion to the ads thereby establishing a strong connection. 

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