Jun 19, 2018

Budweiser Launches Sound-Activated World Cup Snapchat Lens

According to reports, the official beer of the 2018 FIFA world cup, Budweiser is all set to partner with Snapchat to launch the world’s ever sponsored sound activated lens. The launch took place during the first day when England’s first match against Tunisia was about to take place.

AR basically means Augmented Reality. Snappable lens are also being planned to be launched by Budweiser. This new lens is planned to go live from the 28th of June. Snappables are a new form of interactive lens that use AR for playing augmented reality games with friends.

The partnership between Budweiser and FIFA has been successful over the years and with the introduction of new technologies and features the partnership would add on their advantage.

The reactive filters will also be available in the Snapchat camera enabling fans to capture the moments of excitement before the start of the game, sending real time score updates and enjoying the game to the fullest at the final whistle.