Oct 08, 2018

10 uses of Technology in The 21st Century

Over the past 10 years, technology has seen many kinds of development and advancements. Also with the evolution of Internet and email, things have seen drastic changes in workplaces today.

The following are few of the ways in which technology has recently shaped our lives and have become an integral part of our lives:

1. Communications Technologies:
When we talk about long distance communication, technology has made a great impact in that area. Fax machines, surface mail and telephone have now been replaced with email, SMS, and various other chat software tools.

2. Office Productivity:
With the introduction of word processing, spreadsheets and digital presentation and other such office softwares, the productivity has been transformed.

3. Record Keeping and Retrieval:
With the advancement in technology, businesses have now adopted electronic databases as compared to earlier paper files for the purpose of storing and accessing the records.

4. Internet and Search:
When it comes to internet and search, information retrieval and research has become an indispensable tool for all work.

5. Decentralised Work and Cloud Computing:
With the introduction of laptops, tablets and smartphones things at professional life has become an ease and also it has led to flexible work environments.

6. Analytics and New Decision Structures:
When we talk about analytics it is has now become an integral part of businesses. Recently, it can be seen that specialised tools such as recruiting, performance tracking and worker retention are being used by human resource department.

7. Automation, Robotics and Future Factories:
Autonomous robots are being used in the manufacturing sector recently. With the introduction of robots, human beings have now started adjusting to this new reality.

8. Adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality:
Virtual and augmented reality are now gaining importance in several sectors.

9. Conversational Systems:
Chatbots and assistance are said to be important AI tools.
  • Chatbots are used by companies to offer round-the-clock customer support.
  • Assistants are used for home and work environments and are aimed to help the workers to navigate their duties.

10. Information Security:
With technology achieving new heights, the security related to data becomes a major concern. When it comes to customer data, protecting it is one of the most essential task for any business.
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