Sep 24, 2018

20 Years of Google Search

Google recently celebrated its 20th birthday, marking two decades and being an integral part of everybody’s day to day life. It’s 20th anniversary was set to be celebrated at an event in San Francisco which was slated to be devoted to the future of online search.

The idea behind starting Google was initiated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google came into existence in the month of September 1998 in a garage rented in the Northern California city of Menlo Park.

It was in the year August 2004, that Google went public on the stock market where the prices of its share started at $85. Google’s mission was to make the world’s information available to anyone.

Nowadays, it has come up with a number of offerings including Maps, Gmail, Chrome Internet Browser and also an Android Software for mobile devices. It also came up with the premium Pixel Smartphones in order to showcase Android.

Google is also said to be major player in artificial intelligence. It is seen to have reported a profit of about $3.2 billion in the second quarter of 2018. Google is also said to be one of those tech companies which better guard against the spread of misinformation.

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