Dec 12, 2018

3 Ways how Virtual Reality can Change your Life

After AI, virtual reality has become one of the latest technological advancement. Virtual Reality is not just associated with Gaming, there are certain other areas too where it can be implemented. It has the power to change and reshape our daily lives in an instant.

The following are the three surprising ways through which VR can transform the real world:

1. Reliving Dreams:
We all have had dreams about something at least once in a lifetime. Virtual reality can help in this regard. An idea was thought by three performance artists namely Kris Pilcher, Kevon Byrd and Dale Adams and aimed to make it a reality. They created a performance art project which was named as Dream Collection Agency. These three have been using virtual reality for the purpose of reconstructing real dreams in the virtual world.

2. Be a Martian:
If you wish to be a Martian and dream to visit Mars, it is now possible to achieve with the help of Virtual Reality. There is something known as Access Mars which is a web virtual reality experiment. It will let you wander Mars surface with the use of 3D models.

3. Interior Designing:
You can now use Virtual Reality to get an idea as to whether a particular interior design will suit your home or not. There is an app known as TrueScale which will let you create a "visual, real-scale" model of your house. By getting a snap, it can enable to you become an interior designer of your own. TrueScale will help you to create 2D floor plans 3D mockups and real-scale spaces with the use of a virtual reality headset. As of now the app is available on Steam and Viveport.

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