Sep 22, 2018

Amazon Alexa gets Smarter by introducing these New Features

Amazon's Alexa is all set to get smarter with new skills like Skype calling, Hunches, Alexa Guard and Doorbell, Whisper mode,Alexa skills Kit, Music releases notification, and many more features.

This was reported at the launch preservation in Seattle where new hardwares and new features were introduced. Amazon has recently collaborated with Hulu and NBC. The following is the update on the new features introduced:

1. Alexa Music Skills
Users can now listen to music from any music service through Alexa Skills Kit Music Skill. It has introduced music app Tidal for the same.

2. Skype video Calling
It has partnered with Microsoft and as result of which  it now brings Skype calling into picture.

3. Music Releases Notification
With the new update, users will now be able to request Alexa to follow an artist. It will also notify the users regarding any new release by an artist.

4. Play Music Around the House
Multi- room music has support has been introduced which will allow Alexa-enabled speakers to play music in a particular room or in the full house.

5. Routines for Kids
With the new feature parents can now choose timers, music and customised messages for their kids during bedtime or before school.

6. Better Conversations
Alexa can now intercept with your email and also reply when you ask "Alexa, add nacho chips to my shopping list".

7. Whisper Mode
Alexa with the new update will now be able to understand what you are whispering.

8. Hunches
With hunches, Alexa will now be able to notify any one of your devices that are left running for long.

9. Alexa Guard
Alexa Guard will alert users in case if some glass breaks or smoke alarms goes off.

10. Doorbell
Users will also be able to have two-way conversations and will be able to hear their doorbell with ease with Alexa's new doorbell feature.

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