Oct 28, 2018

Benefits of using AWS Cloud for your Business

AWS is a cloud storage by Amazon. It is responsible for providing various benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs who need an application host and a cloud solution. The following are the four benefits of using AWS Cloud for your business:

1. Reliability
Amazon is giant company which has a thriving online marketplace. Once you buy into the Amazon server you will be able to ride the company's business data infrastructure. If you want your business to have solid stability you should consider AWS as your first choice.

2. Scalability
AWS provides flexibility to business mediums including storage solutions and e-commerce shops. If you have a managed AWS, it can lead to further support to businesses of all sizes, starting from fledgling startups to businesses who usually get a lot of traffic.

3. Security
AWS is said to include the following security features :
  • Encrypted data storage and multi-factor authentication capabilities
  • Includes IAM services responsible for tracking user access
  • built-in firewall
  • 24/7 accesss to Amazon data experts for full support

4. Flexibility
There are various assets through which you can choose from including OS, Database, programming language and many others. In this way, you can work on a new program and at the same time you can save training time and money.
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