Sep 05, 2018

Google Enables Big Data Analysis for Ethereum

Google has added Ethereum to its big data analytics platform BigQuery providing its users a new avenue for directly interacting with cryptocurrency's data. Earlier the company had released released Bitcoin support in its database tool. The reason why Ethereum was introduced in data analytics was to enable API endpoints for viewing the data in a pictorial format so that the company can make business decisions about Ethereum architecture.

Google’s BigQuery that gives an analysis of large data-sets from the data in Google Storage, has capabilities that support the analysis of such data without additional API requirement. Chrome users can now see all of the data stored on Ethereum’s blockchain including ether operations and transaction costs in a graphical format. They can also see if Ethereum is running at capacity, develop its architecture further, view smart contracts and token activity and upgrade easily. All the Ethereum data is de-normalised and stored date wise.

Ethereum’s integration with BigQuery will provide the cryptocurrency's users with a variety of analytics earlier not available. Google is also planning to release other blockchain-related tools. In a previous announcement, the company had set that it is building a development kit that would help users to build smart contracts and deploy decentralised applications.

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