Oct 05, 2018

Google Intra App Secures older Android Devices

Google's Intra App now secures older Androids with the help of encrypted DNS. Google firstly introduced the IETF DNS encryption standard in the Android 9 'Pie' which was released in August. After the Alphabet subsidiary Jigsaw released a new app known as Intra the second DNS encryption arrived yesterday.

If your using Android 9, than the DNS over TLS privacy is said to be configured through Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > Private DNS. When it comes to naked security the DNS privacy already seems to be covered in depth.

DNS and HTTPS are both said to work on similar principles at different layers of the protocol stack. They both implement server authentication. However,it can be seen that leaks can yet happen through Server Name Identification.

One of the downside of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is that some of the providers are said to be heavily controlled in some countries. Also you need to place enormous trust in the VPN provider.
Read more at nakedsecurity.sophos.com

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