Jan 02, 2019

Google is training AI to Book Flight at Cheapest Rate

Google has now trained its Artificial Intelligence for the purpose of booking flights at the cheapest rate. With this new update, Google seems to have now trained the neural network to book a flight ticket after going through an analysis of the web pages.

One of the important machine learning tools is the Reinforcement learning wherein an agent is taught to behave in a particular environment within a specific context. The concern faced is the fact that with the outcome generated from this single command,it becomes difficult to arrive a conclusive result through the trial-and-error method.

To combat this issue, the easy way would be to train the system by learning from human demonstration. However, this method too was regarded futile. Researchers are therefore facing a challenge to train system without human intervention.

The main reason for this method was the fact that Google researchers wanted to find a solution to problems without human guidance.
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