Oct 17, 2018

Google to Charge Smartphone Makers for Google Play Store in Europe

Google is all set to charge smartphone makers for the Google Play store in Europe. Some of the smartphone companies include Samsung Electronics co, Huawei Technologies Co and other device makers. However, the amount to access the Google Play app store remains undisclosed.

In the month of July, Google was fined somewhere around 4.34 billion euro by the European Commission. Certain companies are required to pay Google certain undisclosed amount in order to access to the Google Play app store.

After the payment of the undisclosed amount, the hardware companies will no longer be required to install Google search and also the Google Chrome browser. It is expected that Android smartphones would be required to increase the flexibility in terms of distributing search and browser apps from Google's rivals such as Microsoft, Opera Ltd and Mozilla.

Google has the leverage to decide how will it comply the July ruling and how will it closely monitor the changes. If in case, Google fails to comply with the illegal business practices it can also result in additional fines.
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