May 07, 2019

Google to Help People Kick their Bad Smartphone Habits

Nowadays it is seen everyone owns a smartphone and people cannot leave their device. It is also seen that people complain that spending too much time on the phone tends to negatively affect their relationships.

Google now seems to change this with its mindfulness tools. There is something known as digital wellbeing which is expected to occur when a user is happy, comfortable and 'really intentional'. In other words, it basically means being able to put the phone down at night and being able to switch off the phone while speaking to someone at dinner.

A digital wellbeing product has now been created by Google which will allow people to see how much they are spending on their phone and on specific apps. It will also show how many times the phone has been unlocked and how many notifications they have received.

With this tool, users will also be allowed to set timers for Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube or any other app to limit daily. At the end of the limit the app is said to be paused and the icon will turn grey and also your notifications will be paused.

Google has also introduced 'wind down' which is basically a nightly schedule which reminds users to disconnect at night and the phone changes within those set hours from color to a grayscale color format and notifications will be turned off. Google seems to be integrating its mindfulness features alongside its own products.