Oct 15, 2018

Google to Launch its Shopping Tab in India

Google is  is currently in talks with Flipkart, Paytm and other such companies for the purpose of launching its own 'shopping' tab in India. The shopping tab will basically allow users to search for products to buy and also direct them to merchant websites for the purpose of product listings.

The shopping tab is set to be launched soon. Also the company is said to explore more options in order to help the consumers find the products which they wish to buy more.

Likely to Tap into SME's
Apart from the shopping tab, Google is also said to tap into the large network of registered small and medium enterprises including the neighbourhood kirana stores to high-end handicraft stores in order to allow its users to discover products which they want.

Declining Ad Revenues
Google is seen to be losing its market share to Amazon relating to product searches in the US which eventually translates into declining ad revenues. It is estimated that around 50 to 60% of product search actually begins at Amazon, leaving Google behind.
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