May 07, 2019

Google will be adding Augmented Reality to Search

Google is now all set to add augmented reality to its search. It will now add 3D augmented reality models to its search results which will allow you to check out a pair of shoes in the "real world" while you are shopping online or putting an animated shark in your living room.

This technology was showed by the company at its I/O keynote. It offered a few different examples of how its AR search options might work at I/O. Later this year, it is expected that 3D AR objects will start showing up in search results and developers might add support for their own objects by simply adding "just a few lines of code".

It seems to be already working with NASA, New Balance, Samsung,Target, Volvo and other groups to add support for their 3D models. It is seen that Google started to offer augmented reality tools past a couple of years from now.

Google also seems to have recently begun testing turn-by-turn augmented reality directions for Google Maps which was announced at last year's I/O conference.

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