Feb 18, 2019

Here is how Google is fighting Fake News

Google has provided details regarding how it fights 'fake news' in search, news, YouTube and ads. It had presented a white paper at the Munich Security Conference and it details regarding how it fights disinformation across its largest services.

Some of its efforts covers Google Search, News and YouTube, and also advertising platforms. There are many names given to disinformation which includes 'fake news' and the 'post truth era'.

There are three strategies which are tailored to suit each product :
  • Make Quality Content: Google is said to organize content and surface content with the help of algorithms
  • Counteract Malicious Actors: Malicious actors includes content creators that try to deceive ranking systems in order to get more visibility.
  • Give Users More Content: The company believes in providing diverse set of perspectives key to providing users with the information they need to form their own view. It also believes in supporting equality journalism with the News initiative.
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