Dec 13, 2018

How to step up your LinkedIn Game and become a Networking Master

LinkedIn over the years has evolved as a popular professional networking platform. In order to step up your LinkedIn game and become a networking master you need to consider a few things. If you are on LinkedIn it becomes important to nurture relationships, engage with different kinds of people and even help others along the way.

Networking is basically concerned with fostering contacts and sharing information and ideas among like-minded individuals or groups who share common interests and goals.

The following are 10 Basic Linkedin Networking Tips if you wish to become a networking master:

  1. Personalise your Profile: You need to 100% fill up your LinkedIn profile. The profile of yours will basically talk about where you have worked and what is your experience. You should always make sure that you do not have an incomplete profile.

  2. Update your Profile Diligently: You need to regularly engage with people if you are on LinkedIn. You should also regularly comment whenever people in your network share something on their accounts.

  3. Engage as well as Listen: It is said that the more connections you have, the larger are the chances of your network growing. With the help of others you can introduce yourself to others, establish new connections and help more people to connect.

  4. Add your Company Profile: LinkedIn basically helps you to share details regarding your company. It allows you to add video, share products and services and also gives insights regarding the people working there in the company page section.

  5. Support your Colleagues: In order to be known, you should try to endorse others. This can turn out to be a motivating factor in order for them to stay connected with you.

  6. Highlight your Websites: Your website should portray something that interests others. It should be more interactive rather than a simple looking link.

  7. Connect with Twitter: You can also go ahead and connect your Twitter account with LinkedIn. In order to organise better,use the #in with the Twitter update which will enable you to sync to your LinkedIn account.

  8. Add Advanced Applications: LinkedIn has established relevant applications for everyone for the purpose of promoting their brand.

  9. Improve your Search Ranking: You need to make sure that the headline on your profile is crisp as this is the first thing that anyone will notice about your LinkedIn profile.

  10. Join Niche Related Groups: When we talk regarding niche-related groups it is like independent social networks that target a specific group with who you can share messages, connect with important partners and also help in taking your business forward.

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