May 08, 2019

Google To Soon Add Incognito Mode For Maps And Search For Respecting User Privacy

Google is all set to now add Incognito Mode for its Maps and also Search with a view to respect user privacy. Google, out of the several other companies, seems to have the most access to customer data as billions of people use their Search services and Android phones on a daily basis.

There seems to be around 2.5 billion people who use Android in the year 2019. It seems that Google has now started to care regarding user privacy and this might encourage more people to use it without any fear.

The company is all set to Incognito mode. This mode will allow users to choose if they want to remain anonymous. The feature seems to be available in popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. This seems to be the first time that it is being introduced within a service including Google Search and Maps. 

There also seems to be a similar privacy option which is schedued to be rolled out to the Google store in order to avoid storing your past activities.