Jun 13, 2019

Linkedin introduced 4 New Features

LinkedIn announces a ton of new features. Some of the features include photo tagging, video messaging etc. The updates seem to be small ones.

Detailed below are the few new updates released by LinkedIn :
  • PHOTO TAGGING: Some users were able to use this feature since April however it has now made this feature available to all the users.

  • VIDEO MESSAGING: LinkedIn had added a new option which will enable users to record video clips with its messaging process.

  • MOVING MESSAGING AND POST BUTTONS: LinkedIn had now launched a new tab and has moved it's messaging and post buttons. This will provide users with easy access to them.

  • TOPIC LISTINGS: Users will now have ease in finding all of their groups they belong to and the hashtags that are followed by them. This will now appear on the right side of their feed on desktop.
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