Dec 08, 2019

Upcoming Mobile Trends to Look Out for in 2020.

It is no doubt a known fact that mobiles have now become increasingly popular. They are now owned by the whole world. Mobiles have now become more than a means of communication. 

The advantages that mobile has brought in today's business is remarkable. The mobile sector has seen a lot of innovations. Let's have a look at the changing trends when it comes to mobile :

A. Stimulant for Business Transformation - Mobiles have now become a stimulant for transforming business. However,  this transition is Int he early phases and needs acceleration.

B. CONNECTING NEW TECHNOLOGIES - Mobile are also a connecting source when it comes to many new technologies. The new technologies include AR and various voice - based assistants. 

C. A PERSONALIZATION HUB - Mobiles will also be a good way to integrate strategies related to marketing. This can be helpful for brands like McDonald's, Nike, etc. 

D. A KEY FOR SOCIETAL ENGAGEMENT - Mobiles will also emerge to be source of societal engagement when it comes to value-added customers. 

E. OPTIMIZATION OF MARKETING MIX - Mobiles should be used by brands when it comes to achieving growth. 

F. IDENTIFYING THE RIGHT TRIGGER POINTS - Focus on assembling the right (mobile) martech stack with the possible mobile point solutions. 

G. PRIVACY OF DATA - Mobiles have also proven to be a source of collection of consumer information in a hidden manner. Therefore, a privacy-by-design approach needs to be implemented. 

H. RISE IN APP PLATFORMS - More and more number of apps are coming up each and every day. Mobiles apps have seen a drastic growth over the past few years. 

I. INCREASED RATIONALIZATION - It is seen that there is a considerable similarity when it comes to the experience between progressive web apps and app like experiences. 

J. INTEGRATING MOBILE METRICS - It is now time for measuring deeper metrics like customer experience, incremental revenue, the number do active users and customer lifetime value. 

K. DRIVER OF DIGITAL GROWTH - Digitization is seen increasing at a rising pace. By the next year, mobiles will be a key driving factor when it comes to the digital ad growth. 

L. THE RETAIL MEDIA - Mobiles will also provide a rise when it comes to the retail sector. 

M. The constant need to compete with Netflix and Prime Video will make an entry for new subscription models. 

N. There will be an increase in terms of podcasts which will cause a growth in audio advertising. 

O. VISUAL SEARCH - The future might see the growth in terms of visual search. 

However the below mentioned trends might not become a reality : 

1. CMOs need not be concerned when it comes to 5G. 
2. Business players will use virtual reality to a great extent. 
3. Chatbots will prove to be more valuable rather than AI conversations. 
4. Tiktok's IPO will witness a delay
5. RCS though incorporated by many organisations will not see a growth rate

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