Feb 24, 2019

Mozilla Firefox Reality Browser will Support Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft has recently launched its next-generation Augmented Reality Headset - 'Hololens 2'. With a view to this, Mozilla has also revealed a collaboration with Microsoft in order to bring Firefox Reality to the new headset.

With the use of Firefox Reality, the company aims to open up WebVR to multiple platforms. With the help of Mozilla's Mixed Reality Program, developers will be able to ensure that the users have a safe, private experience with open and accessible technology.

It was in the month of September last year that Mozilla had launched Firefox Reality with the purpose of delivering 3D web and immersive content to VR headset users.

After this, it has updated the browser to include 360-degree video support and also additional languages. Mozilla also seems to have collaborated with HTC Vive which has made Firefox Reality the default web browser across headset manufacturers.
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