May 04, 2019

New Announcements for Google Mobile First Indexing Coming Soon

Google's mobile-first indexing is on track and also there are a host of new announcements that are likely to come soon. Google controls most of the web traffic around the world and it is also not hidden that Google search is the best search engine right now.

There are many websites that rely on Google search in order to get the most amount of traffic. This is therefore one of the reasons why websites perform SEO.

Google now seems to be preferring mobile-first websites over desktop-first websites. One of the reasons is the fact that mobile traffic is said to be much greater than desktop traffic. It has therefore announced that it would be now preferring mobile-first websites for indexing on Google Search.

Google seems to have already indexed 50% of mobile-first websites which seems to be a lot of websites if we see the total number of websites on Google Search. After that update nothing seems to have been heard from Google and it is likely that the indexing has stopped or slowed down.