Dec 25, 2018

Why parents have started naming their kids after tech?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram,Snapchat and various others are said to be quite popular. There is a new and unique trend which seems to be going around. It is newthing wherein parents now consider naming their kids after tech companies.

It was this child who was born on the 12th of September 2005, who was named as Oliver Christian Google Kai which had caught the attention of many blogs across Europe and also in the United States. It is said that he ain't the only child to be named after technology. 

The parents of the child claim that they had read somewhere in an old English children's book regarding an imaginary creature named as Google. After reading that they decided to name their son after Google. There was yet another couple who in the year 2011 named their daughter with the name "Like". The parents tell that they got the inspiration from Facebook. 

After this, four years down the line there was yet another baby girl who was born and was named after Microsoft Windows operating system as Vista Avalon Simser. There was also a law which was passed in the year 2014 by the state of Sonora,Mexico wherein it explicitly banned parents from naming their child Facebook. 

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