Oct 29, 2018

Virtual Reality to make Waves in these Unexpected Industries

Virtual Reality is seen making waves in certain unexpected industries. Some of the industries do not seem to associate with VR, however still they seem to use VR tech in order to change the way the industries function. The following are some of the unexpected  industries :

Virtual Reality in Sports Industry:
Businesses now seem to offer consumers an opportunity to attend a game virtually just for a fraction of the cost. Apart from watching the game the feature also includes behind the scenes extras, interviews as well as court side views. If such a VR experience is implemented it is surely going to change the sports industry forever. With VR, you can explore the team's history, experience the game from the players perspective, roam around the scenes as well as watch your favourite players train.

Virtual Reality in Education Industry:
VR also offers several benefits in the education industry. It enables offering virtual lectures and interactive experiences. It will also offer students a new  and improved way to engage with their students. Immersive VR experience is said to be a valuable educational supplement. Google expeditions also seems to offer a slightly less specific VR learning experience for the classroom.

Virtual Reality Specifically for Poker:
PokerStars and Lucky have come together to launch a VR poker game later this year. This will bring in a new way of playing virtual poker. The game will be free to play and will allow you to play in various exotic locations. PokerStars VR is said to offer visually incredible and immersive gameplay including players from all over the world. The official release for the PokerStars VR is yet to be announced. It is currently available only to a select group of players and is said to be in the beta version.
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